Christian ContemPorary Artist

What a few others have to say:

Christian Music charts, weRcalled released their single "Like Heaven Should" in 2014 which was picked up by Dish Network just a few months later. With opportunities of doing events with Audio Adrenaline, Kutless, Hawk Nelson, the Afters and more... weRcalled's fan base grew. In the Spring of 2015, weRcalled released their 2nd full length album "New Name." WeRcalled uses their God-given talents to encourage Christians and speak out the message of the cross.

"I really enjoyed the music you played. The energy and love for the Lord came through on every song and every chorus. Your whole group was up lifting the whole week with a passion for Jesus that pours out and over the crowd that pumps and fills you up with praise and worship. I look forward to the next opportunity to hear you and visit!"

          -- John D. 

"We enjoyed you guys!! You all were absolutely SPECTACULAR!!"

          -- Katelynn N.

"This band right here is truly amazing. They are probably one of the greatest Christian bands that I know. All the music they sing truly is amazing. Their songs touch so many hearts and bring tears and joy to all of us. I just wanted to thank you guys for coming out this weekend to sing to us. I hope to see you next year. Thank you and God Bless you!♥"
          -- Courtney E.

"We really enjoyed your concert tonight at Springfield Baptist Church! May God continue blessing you as you touch the lives of others through song! Thank you again."
          -- Vickie H.

"You all were absolutely amazing tonight! Thanks for taking the time to come out and sing for us!!! God bless!"
          -- Amanda F.

With their name coming out of Romans 1:6, It didn't take long for people to fall in love with the unique sound/style of weRcalled. Starting in 2012, weRcalled's passion for leading worship and sharing the message/hope of Christ grew.

In January 2013 (6 months after starting the band) weRcalled signed their first record deal out of Oklahoma City, OK. With this deal, the band introduced their debut album "Leave the Way You Came." On this album is some of their most loved songs like "God Alone" which charted #13 for Number 1 Music USA Christian Rock Charts. As other songs like "Leave the Way You Came" and "Let It Be" made it to the top 30 on